How to experience your strength, unleash your wild heart and 
gain the power to change your life right now.

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Sunday 15th September 2019
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm 


This Mastermind is only for people who ready to take responsibility for their life.


This one day Mastermind is for those who are looking for clarity on how to positively change their life.


This isn't for people who don't like to be moved outside their comfort zone.


The Courageous Heart Mastermind is NOT for those looking for a quick fix with no commitment.


This Mastermind is for those who want to be inspired to live the life they deserve.

This Mastermind is The Turning Point.
It's The Chance For You To Take Your Life From Ordinary To Extraordinary.
Here's What Others Have to Say....

Summer Killingsworth
Lisa is a true spiritual teacher and guide. Both the classes and Lisa's experience have been transformational for me. 

Jenni Ridpath
Lisa is welcoming, lighthearted, engaging encouraging and professional. She embodies what she teaches and that inspires me!

Why Do You Need This Mastermind?
And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

Learn Simple Practices that can change everything...

Learn daily practices that can harness your passion and stop the cycle of stress in your life and business.

Harness your inner Superpower....

The gift of being part of this Mastermind gives you the opportunity to harness your inner super-power with like-minded souls and to experience what it means to live with a Wild Heart.

Learn through experience...

This Mastermind will give you the direct guidance from my own experience of over 20 years and the power and wisdom of the group.. Through powerful tools and practices and with group support you will have a framework to create the life you truly deserve, one confident step at a time.

Be inspired to live the life you deserve...

On completion of this Mastermind you will not only have a framework for mapping your future but the clarity to achieve exponential personal growth. By awakening your Wild Heart you will also awaken the knowledge that you are taking ownership of a life you truly deserve.