Are your words and thoughts creating a toxic environment?

It’s not only our words but our intention behind our words that can have a massive impact, not just to those around us, but ultimately to our self.

I’ve always believed in the power of my own thoughts and words. However, it was through an experiment I did recently that blew my mind and I discovered what happens when I ignore something.

This experiment is based on Dr. Emoto’s hypotheses that water could react to positive thoughts – which he was able to prove through scientific photography.

I didn’t have any scientific technology so I tried another experiment using Rice and Water.

I used 4 glass bottles each with a lid and all of equal size.

I firstly washed the rice in clean water and placed the same amount of rice in each bottle.

I poured water into each bottle using the exact same amount in each one, so that there was approx. 1 inch of water above each of the rice.

YSA Experiment day1

I placed a sticker on each bottle –

  1. LOVE
  3. HATE
  4. IGNORE (I did not put a sticker on this last bottle)

Every day I would take each bottle, hold it and say:
‘I Love You’ or
‘Thank You’
‘I Hate You’
and totally ignore the last one – I didn’t touch it at all.

I did this every day – twice a day for a period of 30 days. My children got involved too and would do it during the day. I thought I’d be a great way to show them the effect of the words we speak to each other.

The results were incredible.

7 Days:
After the first week – I noticed that the LOVE bottle had remained clear with no visible changes.

YSA Experiment day7 allIt’s said that ‘what you’re grateful for, grows’.
In this case the rice appeared to have expanded in the GRATITUDE bottle – you could visibly see the rice looked more in this bottle in comparison to the others.

The water in the HATE bottle began to look a bit grimier than the others and gloopy. The water definitely wasn’t as clear as the love bottle.

After the first week, when I looked at the IGNORE bottle, I could begin to see the first signs of green mould building on the surface and the water was getting more cloudy.

Every day I would speak to the bottles and every day I would photograph and record any changes that I noticed.

30 Days:
After 30 days the LOVE remained clear, GRATITUDE had expanded and HATE was more grimy and cloudy with bits of mould.

The bottle that shocked me the most and ultimately had the greatest transformation was the IGNORE bottle.

YSA Experiment day30 full

YSA Experiment day30IGNORE was actually truly disgusting. The mould had spread. It was black and green with a thick scum over the surface. The water turned a deep yellow colour.

If ever there was a clear message to take from this – DON’T IGNORE A PROBLEM OR A PERSON – if you are in a relationship, if there’s a problem, don’t think for one moment that by ignoring it – it will magically disappear. If it’s bothered you, then speak about it. Name it and get it out in the open.

By ignoring something, it still holds an energy and can manifest into something a lot more toxic. Think about our own health and how we feel so much lighter when we help others or think kind loving thoughts. Or have you ever felt sick and ignored it, hoping it would disappear, until it’s turned into something a lot more serious.

We’re creating our own environments through the thoughts and words we’re thinking and saying, whether that’s internally or out loud.

Set your intention to speak your truth from the heart with love, because with LOVE comes clarity and with a GRATEFUL heart we can expand and transform not just our-self but the world around us.

“What you focus on expands. When you focus on the goodness in life, you create more of it.” Oprah

With so much love
Lisa 💕

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