Single Private Session

This Session will be designed around your specific needs. We will discuss this prior to the session in a 10-15min call to clarify our focus for our one-to-one private session.

During the call we can identify any requirements you have and I will prepare the lesson prior to meeting so you can get the full benefit of the session when we meet.

Sessions take place in my studio 'Danu Yoga Centre'. However if this does not suit, I also have the facility to do an online session.

Evaluation Call + 1 Private 60 min session

Cost $120

Value Bundle

You will receive 3 private one-to-one sessions (60mins each). You will also receive a video based on our sessions (highly valued) - this will be a video link that you can access from any device (phone/ipad/laptop). This will allow you to continue your practice from the comfort of your own home or if you are travelling you can take your practice with you on the go.

This option is the most popular, as it will give you a good grounding and guided practice based on our sessions together so you don't have to get frustrated trying to remember what we did.

Evaluation Call + 3 Private 60 min Sessions + Personalised Video (lifetime access) 

Cost $345

"Investing in your self is the best investment you will ever make.
It will not only improve your life, it will improve the life of all those around you."

Robin S. Sharma

Benefits of Personalised Sessions


Sessions are designed specifically around your needs.


Improves posture alignment and improved technique, building on your strengths.


Focus on your personal interests, goals or concerns.


Transforms your home practice through personalised and guided instructions.


Easy to follow yoga exercises with variations illustrated to assist any level of practitioner.


Multiple lessons can help to deepen your knowledge and gain confidence in your self-practice.


"I felt like I found gold when I found Lisa as a yoga teacher. I have been to many yoga classes that had different types of yoga and different teaching styles. I knew very quickly that this was for me - the classes weren’t just a physical workout but work on all levels including mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I wanted to strengthen my body and my nervous system - Lisa's classes does both and more. I wanted a space I could be myself to explore my body’s capabilities and my own practice.
For me Lisa has the ability not only to teach the technique, philosophy and evidence based information with clarity and simplicity but also to hold the energetic space needed for growing awareness. Lisa is welcoming, lighthearted, engaging encouraging and professional. The classes are invigorating, nourishing, challenging and fun. Lisa strikes a balance of all of these aspects in her classes that has been hard to find elsewhere. She embodies what she teaches and that inspires me! Thank you Lisa, I look forward to every class knowing it will feel so good!"
Jenni Ridpath
"I'm always looking for a shortcut to guru. Personal and spiritual development interests me. I want to feel good, I want my relationships to be honest and positive. However, I had managed to find myself stuck in some old pattern of dull unhappiness. I was as skeptical as any that Kundalini offered any real help to change my life, but I was desperate and after my initial introduction, decided to stay openly curious towards it. I’m so glad I did.
Following 8 months of weekly classes, I'm working on my first 40 day commitment of personal practice and it is so illuminating. There's a growing level of discovery for me with Kundalini that I know will be lifelong. It has been truly life altering and some days even feels like a secret super power. I have tried and come to so many dead ends searching outside of myself. Finding real resources by going within has been the biggest surprise. 
Lisa is a true spiritual teacher and guide and yet remains a relatable human, wonderfully easy to connect with. We are lucky to have her in Ireland and online! I am so thankful to have found Kundalini yoga and amazed by good fortune to have such an experienced teacher making classes and workshops available in Dublin! Both have been transformational for me. 
I'm old fashioned in that I prefer an in person experience to a virtual one. Weekly classes with Lisa and a chance to ask questions and glean form her wisdom and perspective have been invaluable."
Summer Killingsworth

"Lisa's yoga has been such an effective practice for me both physically, mentally and emotionally. The tools that I have learned on the mat have helped me cope with challenges and struggles of every day life. Lisa is a fantastic teacher who is so welcoming and warm. Her classes always seem to offer a perfect balance of energetic stimulation as well as relaxation. She creates a safe atmosphere that allows you to feel comfortable enough to challenge yourself. The mantras, chants and music that she uses in class are beautiful pieces that I always return to when in need of some self care or a peaceful moment. I can’t recommend the practice of yoga or Lisa as your teacher highly enough."

Leisha O'Beirne

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