I remember many years ago when I first started my teacher training, I experienced something subtle yet profound, but it wasn’t until later that I understood it completely.

I was walking along the road and I began to recognise people. Initially I thought it was just because I knew them or they looked like somebody I knew.

It wasn’t until later that it dawned on me, as I looked at each person, it was a recognition of something in me. I was beginning to shift from a feeling of separateness to connection.

It’s a wonderful moment to experience but it is possible to sustain this feeling of connection and oneness?

There’s a sutra in Kundalini Yoga that says ‘Recognise the other person is you’.

Now, this is a mighty deep statement and may work effortlessly when you’re looking at someone who is kind and loving. What if the other person is not such a nice person – they challenge you or make you feel inadequate?

When we are consumed with our own worries and judgements of who we are, stressing about the way we ‘should be’ we separate from the true connection or the idea that we are all, indeed, one.

When we take a moment and truly look into another person’s eyes, this can be really challenging. It’s easy to look at somebody who is kind and loving and returns your gaze. What if it’s someone who is begging on the street – do you recognise yourself in that person?

Maybe it’s somebody who has so much money and lives a different life to you? Do you recognise that person – do you judge that person for all they have or all you don’t have, comparing yourself to them?

Can you look beyond all of that initial surface stuff that comes up and just see that person?

We each have a life that we’re here to live, it’s not our place to judge the other person but to recognise ‘there for the grace of God go I’.

If we can acknowledge that the other person has as much uniqueness in this world as we do. Each of us are walking different paths but the we’re living the same life. How much more heart centred would our lives be, our world be if we could just take a moment to recognise that the other person is you.

When we move into that space of connection, that space of ‘you are me, I am you’ there is no separateness. By looking deep into someone’s eyes and seeing their truth we can allow our hearts to open to the divine truth, connected to the universe and there is no struggle only the struggle that we have, is in our own mind.

I’m reminded of a story told about Harry Houdini the master magician – legend says he claimed he could break out of any prison cell in the world. He was invited to a prison in the south and said he’d break out of it within one hour. Two hours later he was sweating, he had given up and shouted for help. The guard came over and slid the cell door open – it had been open the whole time!

In our Minds, if we can realise that that door is always open. The barriers that we put up between each other, between me and you, they are just barriers in our own mind – that locked gate – it’s not locked – it the cell that we have created in our own minds that we have closed, but it’s not locked.

We have a choice to open that cell door. To see that there is no division between me and you. There is a connection, if we choose to feel it, see it, lift your head up and look somebody in the eyes and say “I see you, I love you”. This is the way of the heart – the way to connect each of us.

There’s a Kundalini meditation that gives you this experience.

The mantra is ‘Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru, I am Thine, In Mine, Myself, Wahe Guru’

With this mantra we can move from polarity, to oneness. Experience our own consciousness (Humee Hum) and listen to the depth in the other person (Tumee Tum) and allow both energies to be connected into the Infinite (Wahe Guru).


Mudra (posture): Sit with a straight spine. Bring your right hand into a fist at your side with the index finger pointing up, and place the left hand over the heart centre.
You can also do this meditation sitting back to back with a partner.

Focus: The eyes focus at the brow point

Chant: ‘Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru, I am Thine, In Mine, Myself, Wahe Guru’

Time: Chant along with music for 11mins

Here’s a beautiful version of this mantra

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