Last week, an opportunity presented itself for me to host a live radio show on Together FM.
A full hour of presentation…ahhhhh….what to talk about?

This ordinarily might freak me out and send me running for the hills. However, myself and my Mom have been working together on our Mother Daughter Relationship workshop coming up and I felt this would be a super opportunity to talk about this powerful relationship that exists between a Mother and Daughter by inviting my own Mother onto the show.

Rather than spending the hour talking about theories and book knowledge, we opened up the space to have a very honest conversation about our own relationship as Mother and Daughter, the real struggles and the joy...full disclosure…there were tears and there was laughter.

We touched on topics such as
– owning our power as a woman
– modelling how to be in the world for our own children

One of the big topics we covered was around our fears and how we can hold onto these through the generations and looking at how we can let go and heal these.

We talked about a key moment in my teens, that was really challenging for both of us and how it felt from both sides. What my Mom revealed was a big surprise to me. As a mother it was helpful but as a daughter it was deeply healing.

I invite you to listen to this and join in the conversation. Let me know your biggest ‘Aha’ moment and your own story of being a mother/daughter.

“It’s time to heal the little girl we once were to become the woman we were always meant to be.”

Lisa x x

P.S. If you’d like to join us to heal your Mother Daughter Relationship please email me: lisa@yogasoulacademy.com