30 Ways to Break the cycle of "stress" and experience more vitality

Stress is one of the main triggers of Psoriasis. Target your stress with a simple yet powerful breath.
Try one of these 3min practices every day to help reduce stress and increase your vitality.

30 Ways to Reduce Stress

  • Day 1: Long Deep Breathing - Calming the Nervous System
  • Day 2: Tree Pose: Stability & Balancing
  • Day 3: Left Nostril Breathing: Calming & Healing
  • Day 4: 4 Part Breath for VItality
  • Day 5: Downward & Upward Dog: Energising
  • Day 6: Spinal Flex: Increase Energy, release tension

Long Deep Breathing: Calming the Nervous System

Tree Pose: Stability 

Left Nostril Breathing: Calming & Healing

4 Part Breath for Vitality

Downward Dog, Upward Dog: Energising

Spinal Flex: Increase energy, release tension