Welcome to your Summer Solstice & New Moon

Inner Glow Workshop

  • This workshop is designed to bring a balance to the logical mind and the emotional heart so that we are living in a state of balance between head and heart.
  • If you've never experienced Kundalini Yoga, then you're in for a real treat. This practice is a science that brings the nervous system and glandular system into balance so that you'll feel elevated and relaxed

To prepare for the Workshop follow this guide to make the most of the Session.

  • I'm a beginner:  If you're new to this practice I've offered some alternatives to make it accessible. Keep all your movements and breath at a pace that fits for you...slow or fast you will have an experience. So be kind to your body.
  • If you find it challenging to sit cross-legged in easy pose, use a block or cushion to sit on and stretch out your legs if you need to.
    You are welcome to sit in a chair if you need to.
  • The workshop is approx 2 hours long. It includes a relaxation so make sure to have a blanket or cushion to support you into a deeply relaxed state at the end.
    You may also like to put some time away to journal or relax afterwards to really let the energy soak in.
If you've any questions please email me: lisa@yogasoulacademy.com

From my heart to yours
Enjoy 💖


MUSIC: Beautiful Relaxation Music 'Sunai' by Olive MacDonagh - To find out more you can check out Olive's music here: https://butterflycottageretreat.ie/retreats/relax-nourish-cd-hard-copy/


Do you find it hard to keep up the momentum on your own?

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