Inner Glow 6mth Prog


THURSDAY FROM 11am - 12pm

Week 1

Set for Success

WEEK 1: Introduction

  • Brief Overview of the Programme
  • Wheel of Life Exercise
  • Clarity Exercise - 7 Levels Deep
  • Visualising your life - Creating your Vision

WEEK 2: 

  • Habits & Beliefs
  • Understanding the Habit Loop
  • Identifying Habits
  • Reducing Fight or Flight (Sympathetic NS)
  • 3min Meditation to Relieve Stress
  • Tapping to reduce Triggers

WEEK 3:: 

  • 7 Day Detox
  • Hormone Balancing Water 
  • Day 1 of Sugar Detox
  • Beat the Sugar Cravings
  • Toxicity Quiz
  • Introducing the Chakras
  • 1st Chakra

WEEK 4::

  • Food Swaps
  • Acid/Alkaline Table
  • Hormone Balancing Elixir
  • 1st Chakra 
  • Family Money Paradigm Breakthrough

WEEK 5::

  • 2 Major Hormones affecting Hormone Balance
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Create your own Shake
  • Create your own Meals
  • 2nd Chakra
  • Tapping to heal old blocks

WEEK 6::

  • Final Assessment
  • Staying Present - 'Walking Back the Cat'
  • Heart Opening Breath
  • Connecting to Source Energy to feel Grounded
  • Importance of our Needs 
  • 2nd Chakra Healing
  • Tapping to heal old blocks

Additional Class Resources


How to make your Shake

  1. Acid / Alkaline Table
  2. Cupboard Staples
  3. Recipe for Quinoa Tabbouleh

Make your Own Shake:

Learn the 3 Step Process for making your own morning Shake / Smoothie



  1. Acid / Alkaline Table
  2. Cupboard Staples
  3. Recipe for Quinoa Tabbouleh

Boost Immunity with Better Sleep

Feelgood Friday Masterclass with Johann Callaghan (Sleep Expert) - Improve Immunity with Better Sleep





Beat the Sugar Cravings

Feelgood Friday Masterclass with Ilona Madden (Nutritionist) - Beat the Sugar Cravings

Tips on how to Beat the Sugar Cravings -

"It seems that it is mainly sugar cravings that seem to sabotage the best efforts of sticking to a diet long term. 
Watching my clients, reading numerous books and following other health practitioners, I've come up with some practical tips and tricks to deal with your cravings, without having that feeling of deprivation." Ilona Madden





Creating a Vision Board

Use this Video to help you create a Vision for your Life


Create your inspirational Vision with Mel Larsen, Dream Project Coach

Do you want to live an awesome life but you’re not sure how to even get close to your dreams?
Mel Larsen the Dream Project Coach will help guide you into creating an amazing Vision for your life. 

Via this special workshop you’ll make a start on creating your inspiring Vision Board and set at least one BIG goal for the next 12 months

DID YOU KNOW... that Vision-Boards actually work?

Even neuro-science agrees that vision-boards work and we all know that having goals keep us focused. Mel has a special way of helping you access your vision from the heart. That deep truth will sustain you throughout this programme and beyond as you move closer and closer to your dream.


Worksheet: Wheel Of Life


Worksheet: 7 Levels Deep - Finding your WHY

Breathe Beyond Stress Meditation

Meditation Starts at 4mins
(Listen to Video for full explanation)





Worksheet: Daily Food Diary

Bonus Material

Bonus Videos:

Learn 2 simple breaths to Calm and Support Healthy Digestion

  1. Long Deep Breathing:
    Helps Reduce Stress
  2. Breath of Fire::
    Boosts Energy and Supports Healthy Digestion