How to ignite your power within, using 5 simple steps.


Fire Starter Series


This is for you if you are looking for simple practices to boost your energy


This is suitable for beginners who want to learn simple ways to support posture, alignment and breathing


The Fire Starter Series is for anyone wanting to feel more positive, calmer and happy.


This short series will help ignite your fire and shift your energy no matter what your age or ability

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"Lisa is an intuitive, masterful and compassionate teacher and I can't recommend her highly enough."
Jacinita Collins

"Lisa is a true spiritual teacher and guide and yet remains a relatable human,
wonderfully easy to connect with. We are lucky to have her in Ireland and online! I am so thankful to have found Kundalini yoga and amazed by good fortune to have such an experienced teacher making classes and workshops available  Both have been transformational for me."
Summer Killingsworth

"I really felt lighter in my heart and more peaceful in my mind, it was what I hoped for and more."
Paula Crilly