Live Masterclass

Guest Speaker: Olive MacDonagh
Topic: "Relax and Nourish' with Music Meditation and Sound Healing"

Date: Friday 19th June, 2020
Time: 1pm GMT (Dublin)

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Olive MacDonagh

Olive has a huge passion for sound and music and enjoyed launching her debut album "Relax and Nourish" which brings together her love for yoga mantras, ho'oponopono meditation and guided relaxation with sound healing...a mini retreat on an album! Be sure to check out her blog to hear some of the music meditation at www.butterflycottageretreat.ie
Formerly a chartered accountant being faced with a chronic illness and 5 surgeries Olive has been on a journey of self healing for many years. She spent years exploring, studying and qualifying in a variety of modalities within the areas of relaxation and nourishment which she now shares at her Retreat in the heart of Ireland. Olive left the life of a rugby playing, binge drinking, associate director living in the Caribbean working and playing hard. She converted her home in Ireland into a small holistic health retreat where she loves to host day and overnight retreats, experiences where everyone can feel peace, connect with nature and connect within themselves so that they can lead healthier and happier lives. In addition to music meditation she introduces people to areas in health and healing such as Holistic Nutrition, Juice Therapy, Usui & Kundalini Reiki, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Theta Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Sound Healing. She welcomes you for a visit to join her on her continued journey to health and happiness at Butterfly Cottage Retreat for some relaxation and nourishment for body mind and soul.
Email olive@butterflycottageretreat.ie with any enquiries.

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Live Masterclass with Olive MacDonagh

Guest Speaker: Olive MacDonagh,
Topic: "Relax and Nourish' with music meditation and sound healing"
Date: Friday 19th June, 2020
Contact: olive@butterflycottageretreat.ie
: www.butterflycottageretreat.ie
BUY ALBUM: https://butterflycottageretreat.ie/retreats/relax-nourish-cd-hard-copy/

Live Masterclass with Johann Callaghan

Guest Speaker: Joahann Callaghan, Sleep Expert
Topic: Boost Your Immune System with Better Sleep
Date: Friday 12th June, 2020
Contact: https://empoweringsleepsuccess.com/
Email: johann.callaghan@gmail.com 

Live Masterclass with Ilona Madden

Guest Speaker: Ilona Madden, is a Nutritional Expert
Topic: "Breaking the Sugar Cravings Cycle"
Date: Friday 29th May, 2020
Contact: ilona@rightfood4u.ie
Website: www.rightfood4u.ie

Live Masterclass with Deborah Johnston

Guest Speaker: Deborah Johnston, Business Mentor, Mindset & NLP
Topic: How to stop feeling Overwhelmed...Easily!
Date: Friday 22nd May, 2020
Contact:  https://www.deborahjohnston.com.au/about/

Live Masterclass with Danielle Serpico

Guest Speaker: Danielle Serpico, is a Hypnotist and Licensed Practitioner & Master in NLP and a Trainer with the leading authority - The Society of NLP.
Topic: "Effective Communication for a Wealth Mindset"
Date: Friday 15th May, 2020
Contact: Blackbelt Mastermind Academy
Website: www.theblackbeltmastermind.com
Mental Wellbeing Radio Show 'MindMatters' on adversity and overcoming,  on 103.2 Dublin City FM

Live Masterclass with Georgie Crawford

Guest Speaker: Georgie Crawford, The Good Glow Podcast & Wellness Advocate 
Topic: How to make your Health a Priority
Date: Friday 8th May, 2020
Contact: The Good Glow Podcast - 
Georgie Crawford connect on Instagram

Live Masterclass with Hugh Hegarty

Guest Speaker: Hugh Hegarty, NLP, Mindset, Business & Wealth Coach
Topic: Getting Out of Your Bubble
Date: Friday 1st May, 2020
Contact: NLP Foyle & North West Hypnotherapy
email: hugh1970@hotmail.com
Facebook Group for Men (mental health): MEN'd Facebook Group + links to online support

Live Masterclass with Laura Kinsella

Guest Speaker: Laura Kinsella, LMK Skincare, leading medical aesthetician and diathermy specialist
Topic: Turn the clock back on ageing
Date: Friday 17th April, 2020
Contact: laura@lmkskin.com or  lmkskin.co.uk https://lmkskin.co.uk/

Live Masterclass with Una McGoey

Guest Speaker: Una McGoey, Life & Career Coach
Topic: Discovering your Personality Style - Helping you build lasting relationships.
Date: Friday 17th April, 2020
Contact Una McGoey: una@anuchange.com

Live Masterclass with Anne Sweeney

Guest Speaker: Anne Sweeney, Astrologer & Angel Lightworker
Topic: Invoking the Angels to help us feel grounded and protected through our current challenges
Date: Friday 10th April, 2020

Live Masterclass with Jennifer Byrne

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Byrne, Health & Fitness Coach, Nutrition Coach
Topic: Top tips for nutritious meals on a budget
Date: Friday 3rd April, 2020
Contact Jennifer Byrne: https://jenniferbyrne.ie/