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"I loved the sense of support, camaraderie and almost family. Sometimes we just need a bit of encouragement. Lisa creates such a warm and friendly environment to learn and adapt in."
Sarah O'Connor

"I'd highly recommend this. Lisa's ability to pull together her knowledge and experience across a range of areas and deliver nuggets of practical tips in a supportive environment is impressive. My biggest breakthrough was changing my mindset from giving something up to choosing something that will make me feel good. If you're ready for a change for the better or even thinking about getting ready, I would say, just do it."
Teresa Lavin 

"I would highly recommend it. It was was very informative, Lisa is very knowledgeable and gave a great insights. Lisa made everyone feel at ease who took part. I am glad I took part in the training, I definitely have a happier outlook on life."  
Michelle Nolan

"The way Lisa introduced us to all the areas and helped us believe in ourselves was amazing. The support from the other people in the group helped too. We became a family of supporters. Lisa is an amazing spiritual person and her easy and simple ways make you feel so secure and in a safe place. She is an amazing teacher."
Clare Whyte