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These 5 core steps will help you release sub-conscious fears and begin to nurture the true light of your soul.

It’s time to allow all of the light within you to radiate fully out into the world.

Suitable for beginners.

"Inspirational, soul enriching and powerful”
Rosaria Chiappone


Are you ready to be inspired?


Are you ready to tap into your limitless source deep within?

Now is the time to allow all of the light within you to radiate fully out into the world.

This year is all about living your most authentic self. It's time to stop keeping yourself small.

It's time to allow your true light to shine and let the fully expressed version of you to emerge.

If you are feeling an urge to expand it’s because there’s a major shift happening in the world, tap into this shift and find your true worth.

It’s time to allow yourself to fully embrace who you truly are and let go of playing small, thinking that staying ‘safe’ is somehow serving you.

By staying small you cannot grow or move into the energy of expansion and create your own destiny.

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In this online Workshop we will look at the 5 core steps to becoming inspired and re-connect with your authentic self.
Together we will nurture your path towards a deeper self-awareness through the power practices of Kundalini yoga and meditation. This is suitable for beginners.

Join us for a FREE online inspirational Workshop where we will reconnect to a deeper source from within.

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"Healing and  enlightening”
S. Killingsworth