Did you know that if you’re not growing you’re dying?

The energy of thriving is growth. Look at nature. Trees never stop growing. They go through the seasons, change, lose some branches, leaves, but they never stop growing.

Right now, if you’re living your life from a place of survival, you are taking every day as a given. You wake up and go through the motions of life, staying within your comfort zone, accomplishing the mini tasks of everyday life. Checking social media to see how others are living their life. Inside, feeling a little lost or disconnected. You’re existing.

The energy of surviving is a contracting energy. You endure life and life becomes monotonous and difficult. You’re trudging uphill and there’s no summit in sight, just a long slog up the mountain.

You begin to lose connection with others as your energy feels low and your life contracts. Depression sets in as it’s the natural response to reduced activity and connection to life. You begin to feel disconnected, not just with others but also with yourself.

I know this place, I was there. It’s a difficult place to be when you know life is good and you know that you have a mass of potential within you. Somehow the impetus to stretch yourself is gone.

Suddenly life implodes. You experience the mother of all life lessons to wake you up. Maybe you lose somebody close, you get seriously ill or you fall into deep depression. These moments in life are wake up calls and can be a defining moment when we realise ‘Wow, I’ve been sleep walking through my life’.

Why wait until that implosion?

Right at the centre of your being you have an energy that expands into the space around you. In survival mode that energy around you shrinks. It’s contracted and doesn’t allow for connection to others. If you’re feeling low or depressed, being in a social gathering can be a challenge. Your energy is severely diminished and you don’t want to connect with anybody in the room, you want to disappear yourself.

Your ‘growing edge’ is where this energy field stops and expanded life connection outside of you begins. In order to feel this edge, you can sense where your life force around you stops. The more depressed you feel the smaller this energy field will be. Beyond this edge is where the expansion into life is activated. That’s your growing edge.

When you begin to stretch into this space you are thriving and the energy around you begins to increase. The more you participate in life, the more your energy expands and uplifts not just you but others around you. You experience so much more joy in the connections, you feel healthy. You express yourself more freely. You begin to blossom and life brings success.

So how do you Thrive?

Come to the edge. As the poet Guillaume Apollinaire wrote so beautifully

“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded.

“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, we will fall! they responded

“Come to the edge,” he said.

And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.

Take a step closer to the edge. Participate in life by strengthening the mind and the body.

One of my biggest fears when I began to stretch into my field of awareness was that I would be seen again. I felt by hiding myself that I was safe. In holding myself in this ‘safe’ place I contracted my whole life. In that place of safety there was undeniable pain. I was depressed and anxious. My connection with life was diminished.

The pain of this contraction became too great and I took a step towards the edge. For my family, friends, to all those I knew I could help, I choose to take the leap. And I did fly. It took a while, moving from gliding to falling, flapping. Now through everyday participation in life, believing and activating my energy I am soaring. You too can reach new heights – stretch into this new space with anticipation and excitement.

How do you move into the field where all the magic happens?

Your nervous system holds many memories of tension, stress, pain. Through strengthening the nervous system, you can free yourself from these held memories and begin to naturally move into a greater field of awareness that expands into connection with others around you. This is the space where you will create the capacity to experience connection, opportunities, increased energy, focus, health, joy and success.

Kundalini yoga is a practice that strengthens the nervous system and balances the glands of the body – which support in balancing moods and clears out old subconscious limiting belief and thought patterns. Through a simple 3-minute practice every day you can greatly alleviate tension, reduce stress, feel calmer, elevate the mind and activate a natural state of peace within.

Participate in life, feed and strengthen your mind and your body. In my YouTube video series ‘Thrive in 3’, we’ll focus on 3-minute practices that will support this shift. Through various breathwork, movements and meditations you will build inner strength and resilience.

Thrive in 3 Video

Nourish your body and mind and most of all follow your heart. Are you ready to ignite your light within?

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